Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Costume Call - Sunday 29th January

At 2 PM this Sunday 29 th January we are holding a costume call at the Castle Street Centre, please bring in any of the following clothing that you have at home. 

Don’t worry!  We don’t want to keep them!

You will be able to take them all back home again at the end of the session and wear them until the end of March.

 The wardrobe staff will be making a note of which garments will be used in the performance and, nearer the time, we will send you a list of which garments you need to bring back in and when.

The idea of this session is that you don’t just bring in the things you think you might wear, but that you bring in other things from the list that might help other cast members.  If we get this right, we should all arrive at the Castle Street Centre looking as though we are going on at least one week’s holiday.

We are trying to avoid blowing our budget on things that we already have, conserving it for those things that we really need to source elsewhere.  Whatever we can provide for ourselves, and each other, will be a saving towards the final cost of the production.

You may not have all of these items, but the more you can bring in the better.  You may find that you can beg and borrow from wives, husbands, teenage children, friends etc if there are specific things that you don’t have yourselves, but think you can find.

Sunday will be organised chaos – but will leave us with a very clear idea of what we are all going to be wearing in the play and just how much the wardrobe department need to buy, borrow and make.

Clothing (male and female)
  • Black trousers - formal and informal
  • Blue jeans (male and female)
  • White shirts – smart   &   black shirts – smart(ish)
  • Body-warmers – blue, grey or black
  • Black academic gowns

Clothing (male)
  • Dark grey smart jacket (male)
  • Shirts, t-shirts, plain sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies in: all shades of grey, black, cream/beige, and subtle shades of blue and brown. 

Clothing (female)
  • Tops/tunics/sweater dresses etc (loose fitting or fitted) in: All shades of grey, black, cream/beige, all shades of blue and brown.
  • Jeans/leggings/casual trousers in grey, black, subtle blues and browns
  • Plain or subtly patterned scarves and snoods in ‘neutral’ colours eg greys, creams, browns, subtle blues.
  • Suede/fur gilets – natural colours

Footwear (male and female)
  • Formal black shoes
  • Casual brown, grey or dull blue shoes & boots
  • Subtle brown, grey or dull blue trainers

Footwear (female)
  • Brown boots (ankle and knee-length)
  • Formal black shoes

Headwear (male and female)
  • Grey and black beanies, peaked beanies or Similar casual headwear
  • Red or black military style berets

Plea for help!
We need a lot of black lace-up boots for soldiers, guards, police, robbers etc.
If you have any or know friends who wear black work-boots or doc martins please could you either bring them in or bring in the owner’s name and the shoe size (if they are prepared to lend them but don’t want to part with them this weekend!).

Long-shots (but there’s no harm in asking!)
Adult-sized cloaks, long black riding boots (men’s size) army uniforms, leather builders’ belts, leather army-style belts, straps etc, medals (could obviously be highly valued and we would respect owners’ wishes), barristers wigs


Any male black casual clothes that you no longer want that we could distress

Sunday, 8 January 2012

January Rehearsals

Kendal Community Theatre

A Passion for Kendal

Provisional rehearsal schedule            January 2012.

Thursday 5th January            Scene 1            The plot to arrest Jesus
Scribe 1
Scribe 2
Joseph the Arimathean,
Judas the Iscariot,

Thursday 12th January            Scene 2            The arrest at Gethsemane
Temple police 1
Temple police 2
Roman Sergeant
Roman Soldier
Roman Soldier
Roman Soldier
Roman Soldier
Layabouts and thugs
Jesus the Galilean,
All disciples
Two scribes
Mary, Mother of Jesus
Mary Magdala
Mary, Mother of James and John
Joseph the Arimathean

Thursday 19th January            Scene 3            Barabbas & the prisoners
                                                Scene 4            Denial ONLY           
Jesus &
Roman Centurion
Roman soldiers [4]
Robber 1 – Dysmas
Robber 2 – Gestas
Two serving girls

Thursday 26th January            Scene 4            The Trial
Pontius Pilate
The two scribes
And everybody else [except Judas].

Thursday 2nd February            Scene 5            The Crucifixion
Whole cast [except Judas].