Saturday, 7 April 2012

Finale at the Castle

Tonight saw the final scene from the play with the discovery of the empty tomb at the castle, the fire sculptures (by Walk the Plank) and our Community Choir. Not a very long performance but dramatic enough that someone phoned the fire brigade to report that the castle was on fire! Here are a few photographs of the evening (taken by B Willoughby unless otherwise indicated):

The cast walking up to the castle

A lovely evening for outdoor performing
Its hard work being the youngest disciple
Soldiers arriving at the castle
Here come the guards
The Women come to mourn at Jesus's tomb (T Gomes)
The tomb is empty (T Gomes)

(T Gomes) 

(T Gomes)

The Lamb of God (T Gomes) 
Firepots on the walls of the castle
Ring of fire around the castle
Thank you everyone that joined us up there tonight. If you have any photos or video you would be willing to share please e-mail us or check out our Facebook page.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Passion Play Day 1

We were amazed at the numbers who turned out in typical Cumbrian weather this afternoon to watch us perform the first part of our Passion Play. If anyone has photos, video or audio they are willing to share then please e-mail it to us. Here are a few photos just to show the highlights - more to come...

Judges and Priests (T. Gomes)

Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane (M Simm)

Judas about to betray Jesus (T Gomes)

The disciples abandon Jesus (T Gomes) 

Jesus is arrested (T Gomes)

Jesus escorted to his trial (T Gomes)

The trial (B Willoughby)

The women in distress over Jesus' conviction (T Gomes)

Jesus crucified

Mary mourns her dead son (T Gomes)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Final rehearsal

Tonight we had a full run through of the play out on the streets. It was great to see them decked out in the banners that add to the staging for the play:

Garden of Gesthemane

Roman military banners

Jesus being marched to his crucifixion

The Brewery

Costumes on the streets

Thanks to Titus Gomes for these photos:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Full Street Rehearsal

In glorious sunshine the cast of A Passion for Kendal took to the streets to rehearse all the scenes in their live locations. It was great to perform out where we will be live on Friday and hopefully the passersby enjoyed the impromptu entertainment too!

The Arrest of Jesus 
Convicted and condemned

Carrying his own cross

Simon of Cyrene takes over
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We also have some video snippets too: