FIRST WORKSHOP: Thursday 13th OCTOBER 7.30pm
VENUE t.b.c

Provisional rehearsal schedule

2011 October – November. Thursdays from 13th October

Workshops on street theatre techniques and improvisation around the major themes of the play: betrayal; trials; relating to and directing an audience.

2011 November – December

Rehearsals as called. Weekly on an evening to be decided. Evening rehearsals will never last more than 2 hours, but will always start promptly.

December 16th 2011 – January 10th/11th 2012: Christmas break.

January – March 2012

Twice weekly rehearsals. We will endeavour to balance time commitments between speaking and non-speaking parts, but March will inevitably be demanding of time. Expect Sunday afternoon rehearsals, which will last three hours.  

March 25th – April 6th & 7th 2012

Run-throughs; technical rehearsals; costume rehearsals.
There will be ONE full dress rehearsal in-situ, probably on Wednesday 4th April early evening – app 4.30/5.00pm.

Technical work/workshops.

We hope to have two acting workshops led by actors from The Dukes Williamson Park productions during October.

We plan to have a pyrotechnic workshop all day on Tuesday 3rd or Thursday 5th April to build the fire sculptures for the Resurrection at the Castle. This will be open to up to 15-20 people (preferably over 16) and run by Walk the Plank Theatre. 

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